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  • Office Hours: 07.30am - 12.30pm
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  • H P Dubey Marg, Near Kali Mandir Betia Hata Gorakhpur
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Welcome To St. Paul's School

St. Paul’s School, Betiahata Gorakhpur is an english medium school located near Kali Mandir, Daudpur. The school was established in July 1997 by honourable Principal and founders Rev. G. Chandra & Mrs. N.M. Chandra in a premises located in Daudpur. After about two years it shifted to another premises on Harihar Prasad Dubey Marg road, where classes Nursery to 5 were held with an increasing number of students and staff. Then finally the school shifted to its present site near Kali Mandir Daudpur in July 2003. The energy around this building is incredible. Teaching & learning are the core activities of the school which aims to provide quality education to children. The school has now classes from L.P to 5 and the daily assembly is the basis of life in school where faith, love for God, love & kindness for all is taught. All national festivals are celebrated in school with singing of hymns, patriotic songs etc. Sports, games Interhouse & Inter class activities, yoga etc. form an integral part of the curriculum.

Principal's Message

Dear all,

St. Paul’s School, Betia Hata stands tall and proud because of the strength and tenacity of its pillars. Pillars in the form of our students, teachers, staff members and parents who collectively form the motivating force which drives us towards success and glory. Our students form the life and soul of the institution and it is because of the relentless hard work of our students that we are able to improve year after year. Not to forget, the conviction and determination of our teachers who bring out the best in our students and help them not just better but perfect themselves both inter-personally and academically. Our staff members are indispensable to the growth of the school and it is because of their commitment to work that we are able to think well and do well. My heartfelt thanks to the parents who don’t leave any stone unturned in unlearning their experiences and re-living and re-learning newer concepts and ideas through their kids. We thank you dear parents for being so supportive and collaborative. Your collaboration gives us the strength and fortitude to adopt novelty in our teaching methods and practices.